Redstone pumpkins allow switching the lit status of pumpkins with redstone. Put a ton together and you can control your home's lighting with a regular Redstone switch.

Wiring Edit

Redstone pumpkins

When wiring, follow the rules below:

  • When using Redstone wires on the same level as the pumpkin, they must be directed at the pumpkin. They cannot merely pass by the pumpkin.
  • Other Redstone devices (pressure plates, levers) can simply be next to the pumpkin.
  • Redstone wire and devices can run underneath the pumpkin.
  • Pumpkins tend to destroy Redstone items on top of it.
  • If there are multiple inputs to a pumpkin, only one input has to be active for the pumpkin to turn on.
  • When switched On or Off, pumpkins are reoriented to face West no matter how they are placed. (1.6.6)

Uses Edit

Switching from a passive mob trap to a violent mob trap depending on what items you need