The MC1262 checks to see if the light level of the block above the IC sign (probably intended to be the block above the block behind the IC sign) is greater than or equal to a configurable threshold whenever the input goes from low to high.

Warning: This sensor requires a clock input and will not check on its own. Use MC0262, the self-triggering version, if you want the detection to be automatic.

Sign parameters Edit

  • Third line: Minimum light level, 0 to 15.

Light levels Edit

Block Light Level
(Sunlight) 15
Fire 15
Jack-o'-lantern 15
Lava 15
Lightstone 15
Torch 14
Lit furnace 13
Portal 11
Redstone ore (when touched) 9
Lit redstone torch 7
(Moonlight) 4
Brown mushrooms 1

Pins Edit

Inputs Edit

  1. Clock

Outputs Edit

  1. High if the threshold is reached