Drop a plantable item within range of this block and it will plant it. You can also use a chest full of the item if it is directly above the IC block.

Use this block in combination with MC1235 Cultivator and MC1223 Bonemeal Terraformer or its self-triggering counterpart MC0223 Bonemeal Terraformer ST and a hydraulic harvesting strategy and create a fully automated farm.

Sign parameters Edit

Third line: Item ID to plant

Fourth line: Radius and Offset (x:y:z) Max offset 16. They are seperated by an =, so... radius=x:y:z

Example: '10=0:-3:4' (the radius 10, offset 0 blocks east/west, 3 blocks down, 4 blocks south)

Pins Edit

Inputs Edit

  1. rising edge

Outputs Edit

  1. none


  1. The offset for this IC is relative to the block rather than the sign. When placing this block in combination with other blocks like MC1235 Cultivator or MC1238 Irrigator the offset will need to account for this difference or the areas will not overlay correctly.